Why these bracelets?

Because they are:
Elegant and decorate every woman (and not just her )
Diverse, and so everybody can choose piece for any occasion.
Healthy, so they do have beneficial effects on human organism. Part of the bracelets are inserts, which through active points on wrists improve vitality, lead to better regeneration of organism and general harmony = you are going to be happy!

Used material: Stainless steel, 18K gold coated

  • „gold“ and „silver“ in the name of product is not denomination of used material, but it does explain its colour
  • bracelet can simply be shortened by any jeweller

Each bracelet comes in a gift box.

Description of bracelet inserts

Silver Insert - Neodymium Magnet - very strong and modern magnet with outstanding magnetic qualities. Studies have proven that magnets improve blood flow and widen the blood vessels. Body shall benefit from improved blood supply and lowered pain.

White Insert - Negative Ion - are emitting natural energy that improve immune system, which grants to body better ability to overcome various illnesses. Negative ions strenghten the brain functions up, which also positively influences mental condition of individual. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients will benefit from negative ions as well. Negative ions also help to faster normalization of blood pressure among hypertensive persons.

Black Insert - Germanium - this element has wide spectrum of effects. Together with magnets it normalizes vascular tonus through biologically active points on wrist, as a result of which can be alleviation of migranes. It helps to alleviate all kinds of pain and improves immunity in general.

Red Insert - Far Infrared Ray - cannot be seen by the human eye, but cells do have to feel it. Ray penetrate deep into the body where it deompose toxic substances and heavy metals. Thermal energy which comes from the ray increases physical output and enzyme production, thanks to which do cells regenerate in a natural way. Thermal energy does also widen capillaries, which does improve blood circulation significantly.

How to take care of magnetic bracelets?

Do not clean bracelets with chemicals, use just sponge and soap, wash and dry afterwards. Take off the bracelet before you take shower or visit a pool; do not apply parfums or hair lacquer. Do not expose them to heat shock or extreme temperature (100 °C). Protect them from physical impact.

Comprehensive and preventive warning of using magnetic products.

Do not use magnetic products if you have internal devices, such as pacemaker or cochlear implant, or if you're using another mechanical or electronical devices. From preventive measures do not use magnetic products during pregnancy.
Do not expose the products directly to the objects, demagnitezation of which can lead to disable of its use, such as cash cards, computer discs and another magnetic equipment.
Keep away from children's reach.
Code Name, description Price  
RLJ6070 Bracelet ALEX black, 1 pcs 102,00 $
RLJ6060 Bracelet ALEX silver, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6020 Bracelet AMY black, 1 pcs 102,00 $
RLJ6050 Bracelet BARBARA black, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6110 Bracelet BERNIE black + gold, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6100 Bracelet BERNIE black + silver, 1 pcs 102,00 $
RLJ6090 Bracelet BERNIE silver + black, 1 pcs 102,00 $
RLJ6120 Bracelet BERNIE silver + gold, 1 pcs 76,00 $
RLJ6140 Bracelet BONNIE black + gold, 1 pcs 144,00 $
RLJ6130 Bracelet BONNIE silver + gold, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6160 Bracelet DIANA black + gold, 1 pcs 144,00 $
RLJ6210 Bracelet KRIS black, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6230 Bracelet LINDSAY silver, 1 pcs 76,00 $
RLJ6240 Bracelet LINDSAY silver + black, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6170 Bracelet LIZZY silver + gold, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6250 Bracelet MEGAN gold + silver, 1 pcs 144,00 $
RLJ6260 Bracelet NICOLE black + silver, 1 pcs 91,00 $
RLJ6270 Bracelet RACHEL silver, 1 pcs 76,00 $
RLJ6290 Bracelet ROSE black, 1 pcs 102,00 $
RLJ6310 Bracelet SARAH silver + gold, 1 pcs 91,00 $
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