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Mattress LUXUS

Mattress for healthy sleep
Enlarge picture Mattress LUXUS, 80 × 200 cm
…mattress that adapts to curves of our body
Code: #ZS011
Price:  950,00  €
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The maximum delivery time of the product is 5 weeks.

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Mattress thickness is 25 cm

LUXUS mattress
  • luxury orthopedic mattress
  • it has perfect elasticity and shape persistance
  • it will adapts to body during sleep
  • it keeps spine in a natural position
  • antibacterial
  • it secures healthy and quality rest
  • warranter of long lifetime
  • for all age groups

Mattress is formed by 3 anatomic zones:
Core is formed by combination of SONNOCEL 30, 35 a 40 foam (strengthen in the area of back).
Carrying layer = 3 cm thick profiled foam „SONNOCEL VISCO MEMORY“ that has 7 zones, that optimizes its rigidity according to absorbed heat.
TNT – hygienic layer= non-woven textile.

Air-conditioning filler = (100% polyester) antialergic silanized hollow fiber.
Exclusive plastic quilted cover material Silver Aloe Vera with silver fibers and special customization with aloe vera, it eliminates smell producing germs, blocks and reduces production of harmful germs. Perfectly eliminates mites as well and also has antimicrobial effect.

  • Mattress thickness is 25 cm.
  • Recommended positioning: on hard or moveable bed slats (up to 30ᵒ)
  • Orthopedical load 130 kg.
  • Mattress is delivered in vacuum package + cardboard (photo).
  • Warranty: 2 years

Detailed description of materials here

  • SONNOCEL foam
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ions of silver

IMPORTANT: Leave the mattress unloaded for 24 hours after its unwrapping, in order to naturally reach its thickness of 25 cm.

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