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Topper MEMO/Massage, 90 × 200 cm

For healthy sleep.
Enlarge picture Topper MEMO/Massage, 90 × 200 cm
…practical upper mattress for sleep quality improvement
Code: #ZS160
Contents: 1 pcs
Price:  550,00  €
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The maximum delivery time of the product is 5 weeks.

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…practical upper mattress for sleep quality improvement, where the whole mattress cannot be changed

  • balances unevenness of mattress - it makes current sleep more soft and comfortable
  • increases bed heigh
  • adapts to body during sleep
  • keeps spine in natural position
  • elastic and breathable
  • usage also as a hygienic mattress protection

Topper Memo

TOPPER MEMO/MASSAGE is formed by two anatomical zones:
3,5 cm of SONNOCEL VISCO MEMORY foam of 45 kg/m hardness3
+ 5/3cm SONNOCEL foam 30 kg/m3 (white) – massage naps

Dimension: 90 x 200 cm
Height in cover: 9 cm
Cover: detachable by a zipper, it has nonskid customization on a lower side
Exclusive cover material with silver fibers and special customization with aloe vera

  • Packing includes bag.

Detailed description of materials here

  • SONNOCEL foam
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ions of silver

Cover is washable, temperature maximally 60 °C

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